Hong Kong Interior Design Firm
Signature Projects

Equipped with years of experience completing interior design jobs for a wide variety of clients in Hong Kong, our company offers services for home, office, and commercial projects. For each client, we look at their specific needs to better understand how our interior design services can benefit them.

In every project, each one of our professional interior design consultants will share their design inspirations and passions to help the client achieve their dream home or office in Hong Kong. Take a look at some of our featured interior design projects and discover your dream space today.


inT Design has a professional team of designers and consultants who are up to date with the latest trends and styles. We can design everything from conference rooms in your company to your ideal interior living spaces in your home in Hong Kong, and meeting pods according to the scope of the project. We have won countless awards internationally including the Asia Design Prize (Korea), International Property Award (England) and many more.

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