Commercial Design

Commercial Design


Successful commercial interior design and decoration has the potential to leave lasting positive impressions on all guests that visit your business in HK.

When running a commercial store in HK, having proper interior design is one of the most important first steps that a business owner should take. inT Design will analyze the unique characteristics of each brand starting from the smallest details in the entrance hall, corridor and passage planning, color tones, lighting and more. From there, each commercial interior design project aims to create something completely unique and individual for the business.

As a one-stop professional interior design and decoration company for commercial projects and more in HK, inT Design has a team full of designers that are up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. By analyzing market trends and consulting with our customers to understand each project’s brand positioning in the market, we can create a vibrant, eye-catching and memorable location.

When it comes to interior design for commercial projects, our services in HK follow three main guidelines:


Every commercial renovation or interior design project is a great time to strategize and even reform your brand image. Our designers first gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand, then repackage it, providing the most suitable interior design plan for a new commercial image. Give up the old and welcome the new for a refreshing new brand identity.


Each brand has its own style and characteristics. Our task as designers is to integrate the brand’s commercial philosophy within its interior design. Starting from the signage at the entrance all the way to lighting and more, we will combine color and aesthetics to create a memorable, eye-catching design that helps improve the perception of your brand in the minds of customers. This not only helps increase your market share and promote your business but adds an air of desirability around your brand.


We understand that the purpose of retail stores is to be customer orientated. When we design storefronts for our commercial interior design projects, shop windows will be organized in a manner to leave products in an orderly yet complex manner. Looking through the window is likely the first thing that customers do, and you will want to advertise your selected products in an effective manner. In terms of storage, we will work from a scientific basis in balancing between the three aspects of purchase, storage and sales. If these factors are coordinated and well-integrated into the interior design process, the entire commercial sales process is smooth and efficient.

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