inT Design provides one-stop interior design and renovation services for residential and commercial projects in Hong Kong. With the aim of providing the most satisfactory design for clients to enjoy their lives, we will take into consideration our client’s needs, preferences and living habits. With this information, we’ll work together with each client, giving them professional advice and helping them create their ideal house.


With years of experience completing interior design jobs for a wide variety of clients, we offer our services for residential, office, and commercial projects. For each client, we look at their specific needs to better understand how our interior design services can benefit them. We can design everything from conference rooms to living spaces and meeting pods according to the scope of the project. We have been featured in countless awards around the world including the Asia Design Prize (Korea), International Property Award (England) and many more.

At inT Design, we are great at grasping contemporary trends and drawing up modern and contemporary designs which stand the test of time. With this in mind, we keenly understand that different people can have vastly definitions of beauty when it comes to interior design. We are always eager to design something that both pushes the boundaries of interior design trends but also stays within the scope of what our client has in mind. The result is interior design work in Hong Kong that can provide something completely unique and full of character.

As well as this, we are careful to ensure that our projects are never designed with solely aesthetics in mind. Functionality is an extremely important aspect of our interior design services, whether it be a residential, office or commercial project. At the end of the day, people will inhabit and use these places. The functionality and aesthetics of a space can complement each other and help to make the place even more memorable. Finding a balance between these factors is what we aspire towards for every project we take on.

Some examples of our interior design work can be found below. We have an extensive portfolio of work for residential, business, and other clients across Hong Kong including Prada, Ming Hing Arts and much more.

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