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Office Design


inT Design undertakes countless office interior design projects in HK each year. As a one-stop professional office design company, we plan conference rooms, tea rooms, wallpapers, flooring maps, lighting, electricity, air conditioning and more. We can guarantee that every aspect of your office’s interior design works cohesively and smoothly. With modern and stylish interior design work, your office can highlight and promote a great corporate image along with creating a comfortable workplace that your employees can work hard in.

Our office interior design services in HK are centered around three key ideas:


In addition to the place where your employees will work, the office is also an important place for bosses to meet guests and make positive lasting first impressions. Therefore, we will balance the design to be, on the one hand, lively and comfortable for the employees, and on the other to highlight the company’s own specific design style and appearance. An office’s interior design is important for properly presenting and showcasing each company’s unique corporate culture, visually promote core ideas and philosophy to first time visitors.


Desks and filing cabinets should be designed to be practical and convenient. The materials selected should be a compromise between economical, practical, and aesthetic factors to create an environment conducive to work. Despite this, we still place great pride in our office interior design work in HK and come up with ideas for how to merge these quintessentially ‘functional’ pieces of an office into an aesthetic style. We never try to overcomplicate things, and instead ensure that in use they are both comfortable and functional.


When the interior design of the office is designed with the unique style of the company in mind, it can highlight core ideas and promote its values. Apart from creating a nice environment for you and your employees to work in, it also deepens the outside world’s understanding of your company and what it has to offer. Positive impressions from the unique and stylish interior design of your office can directly translate to better opinions and an enhanced position in the market.

As well as this, the interior design of an office can help with refining a company’s branding or with promoting core ideas. A memorable office along with smaller pieces of design work, like business cards and pens for example, can be vital for leaving great impressions on anyone that visits your office, whether they be potential business partners, investors, or interview candidates.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us: +852 2117 1663 / Whatsapp: +852 9777 0088 / WeChat: inTdesignhk

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