Residential Design

Residential Design


inT Design is a one-stop professional interior design company in HK offering residential and commercial design and renovation services. Our company ethos is summed up by one phrase: “dare to think, to create and to act!”.

We are devoted to creating perfection with our design work while keeping pace with the times and trends. With each interior design project we undertake, we strive to build stylish, comfortable and cozy residential homes to the tastes of our clients. The end goal is to help each client realizes their “ideal space”. Each person may have a different set of goals when it comes to residential interior design. We keenly understand this, and strive to put ourselves in the shoes of each of our clients to understand how they can not only appreciate the aesthetic function of the project, but spend their day to day life in it. In line with this, we ensure that all our residential interior design projects in HK remain functional and feature intelligent designs perfectly suited to how you intend to use it.

We have always worked under three guiding principles that also act as our service commitment to each customer:


We love to think outside of the box when it comes to building dream residential properties and have a strong passion for all things interior design. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve this through providing a service which involves our customers each step of the way, offering great communication as well as listening to their preferences and tastes. We understand each homeowner has different needs and will create a unique interior design solution for each residential project we complete in HK.


We are happy to embrace the new and adapt to change. This is a guiding philosophy that ensures our residential interior design projects in HK are not only always up-to-date and in keeping with recent trends but push boundaries and innovate. This allows us to consistently create colorful and lively living spaces. With years of experience, unique knowledge and insight into the arts, our team is well-equipped to make our unique designs a reality no matter the problems encountered along the way. Our residential interior design work has been recognized across the world in design competitions and has won countless awards.


We are good at working with any sort of limitations to create endless possibilities! We understand that each residential interior design proposal may have feasibility constraints thanks to economic or architectural problems. But thanks to years of experience, we are well poised to create a solution that combines the customers’ living habits, preferences and style to create their ideal living space.

Everyone’s standard of beauty is different, and many people define their own sense of style in accordance with their hobbies and careers. Residential interior design can be simple, light and luxurious while still allowing room for a personal touch.

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